Cardlock and Bulk Fuel in Arnaud Manitoba

Al McVicar Farm Service ltd. (McVicar Fuels) is a locally owned independent retailer that has been serving Manitoba producers for 100 years.

Located in Arnaud Manitoba, Al McVicar Farm Service ltd. provides quality Bulk fuels and lubricants. Our experienced driver will keep your tanks fueled with our dependable, modern fuel delivery equipment.

We carry Mobil, Shell and Nemco Lubricant products lines and automotive chemicals. Our bulk fuel delivery brings what your business needs to stay running from Agriculture, Forestry, and Construction to local Service stations and more.

The History of Al McVicar Farm Services

Originally founded in 1918 as McVicar Fuels, John Alexander McVicar Sr. bought the Imperial Oil Bulk agency after the first world war.McVicar Fuels was an International Harvester dealer and Ford Model T sub dealer.

He ran it though the 20’s drought years and at the time of the 1929 stock market crash was near Bankruptcy. By 1931 his son John McVicar at the age of 19 took over the 14 year business and came back out of debit in the 1940’s and in 1950 Imperial Oil expanded and built new facilities in Arnaud. After 50 years of service John retired in 1981 and passed the business to his son Bill and wife Joanne. In 1986 the Ridgeville Imperial Oil Agency was amalgamated in to Arnaud. In 1988 Imperial Oil expanded to a to a new facility in Arnaud. In 1991 McVicar Fuels also expanded to Morris to a New rebuilt facility. In 1996 the St. Pierre Imperial Oil agency was also amalgamated in to McVicar Fuels. In Early 2001 both the Arnaud and Morris Agencies Fuels Business’s were taken away from McVicar Fuels and given to Carmen Agency for Imperial Oils new method of business called Vision.

In July 2001 Bill and Joanne’s son Allan McVicar started an Independent Bulk fuel and oil business called AL McVicar Farm Services Ltd. to service the local areas customers need for Fuel and Lubricants. He built a new Cardlock and bulk plant in Arnaud. We are proud of our family tradition of serving Manitoba Producers and local business!

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